What kind of marketing is the most effective?

sneezr.ca Have you ever asked yourself that question? I did. In fact, many years ago I spent countless hours trying to figure it out.
The answer turned out to be quite simple: word of mouth marketing. Or as I call it: the art of cultivating recommendations.

Surprised? Probably not. With recommendations, there is no sales pressure and no credibility issues. When your friends, family members or trusted co-workers recommend something or someone to you, they are genuinely trying to help you. That means a lot, which is why you usually remember it for a long time. But here is the catch: recommendations must be earned. How do you do that? Where do you start? How do you give people a reason to talk about your products/services? How do you nudge your story into every day conversations? I launched sneezr.ca to help you answer those questions.

Have you heard?

At this very moment, a lot of people are all ears.
(Chances are, you’re one of them.)
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Would you do business with you?

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What can 33 monks teach us about storytelling

“Remember: It’s not about telling a story. It’s about telling a true story well.”

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A Great Place To Kiss

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How Did I Get Here?

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What is the basis of all wealth?

Writing is the basis of all wealth, says my pen pal Scott Ginsberg. What makes writing so important? How much time do I have? Not much? Okay, here are a couple of suggestions:

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Decorated silence

“The Elizabethans described language as decorated silence.”
Julian Treasure, the chair of the  continue reading

Simple Changes Can Propel You

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Meet the Indiana Jones of modern career experts

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How Pleasure Works

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Please find attached…

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What can Porsche teach us about marketing

“Why do you need huge gestures when the signs are clear?

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What can the P’9522 teach us about creativity

WIRED described it with one word: Gorgeous.
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