Isn’t a true story well-told a beautiful thing?

A true story, well-told, resonates with people.

Case in point: The opening line from a story about Jell-o (a classic treat enjoyed through the ages), told by Martha Teichner during a recent episode (Nov 27, 2011) of the CBS Sunday Morning Show:

“If you stare at Jell-o long enough, you might even see your childhood through it.”

Isn’t a true story well-told a beautiful thing?

My 2¢: In my experience, one of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face in growing their businesses is this: they fail to appreciate the importance of telling their story well. And if storytelling is not your strong suit, why wouldn’t you hire a professional to help you articulate your story?

P.S. Please remember that the icing is not the cake, and the icing does not make the cake. Said differently, it’s true: your story is just the icing. Your product/service must be the cake. But when the two come together, you’ve got a package that’s hard to ignore.