What can a pair of cabin socks teach you about sales

A few days ago, I purchased a pair of cabin socks from Roots Canada.

Image via Roots Canada

Below is the pictures of the bag in which my new cabin socks were handed over to me:

Understanding something unfamiliar often starts with a good analogy: Think of marketing as a cake.
Inside that cake you should have a number of amazingly potent ingredients: Positioning, Packaging, Pricing Strategy, Advertising, Sales, Customer Service, PR, etc.

Sales are only one ingredient in the marketing cake.
Here’s why I like this analogy:
In a good cake, can you pinpoint the spot where flour ends and sugar starts?

Is there any reason why your business shouldn’t use this approach in sales?
For the best brands, selling is not an isolated activity.
It’s nicely integrated in all customer touch points.
A quick reminder, customer touch points = places where your business touches your customers.
(Here’s a simple guide to your customer touch points.)

Your customer touch points can and should be:
a. mapped out;
b. designed to be enjoyable, productive and attractive ; and
c. actively managed to maximize customer value.

My 2¢:
For business building ideas that last, study the winners.
What fuels positive word of mouth marketing in business is the quality of interactions with your customer base, not the quantity of interactions. Let’s not forget—most people want a long-term relationship. We would like our activities, even the most mundane, to add up to and build a relationship.