Does Pepsi need to constantly hustle for our attention?

From its humble beginnings over a century ago, Pepsi has grown to become one of the best-known, most-loved products throughout the world. So, does it really still need to constantly hustle, if you will, to attract our attention? Does it really still need to worry about creating a constant stream of opportunities for us to notice and/or experience its products? Those were just some of the questions going through my mind as I came upon this display a few days ago at my local grocery store:

And the answer is: You bet.
Why? In short:

a. Repetition is a convincing argument.
No matter how acute an experience, our memory of it fades over time.
b. In today’s world, information consumption is continuous, and decision making is continuos.
c. Other big businesses such as Disney and Coke take such things seriously—how can Pepsi afford not to?

My 2¢: If big businesses such as Pepsi treat our attention as a currency—how can you afford not to?

When people go shopping their final purchasing decision is made in store. (Online, off-line… what line?)
Question: Is your store ready?
When people “walk” into your store, is it immediately obvious to them that something is going on?