What kind of marketing is the most effective?

sneezr.ca Have you ever asked yourself that question? I did. In fact, many years ago I spent countless hours trying to figure it out.
The answer turned out to be quite simple: word of mouth marketing. Or as I call it: the art of cultivating recommendations.

Surprised? Probably not. With recommendations, there is no sales pressure and no credibility issues. When your friends, family members or trusted co-workers recommend something or someone to you, they are genuinely trying to help you. That means a lot, which is why you usually remember it for a long time. But here is the catch: recommendations must be earned. How do you do that? Where do you start? How do you give people a reason to talk about your products/services? How do you nudge your story into every day conversations? I launched sneezr.ca to help you answer those questions.

Fruits and Vegetables: The Original Fast Food.

Do websites have a taste?
You bet. I recently came across a very tasty one—you can check it out here.
My 2¢: Taste Younique. People will talk.

What are the limitations of market research?

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Writing: what is good writing?

“Good writing is lean and confident.
That is not me talking. That is William Zinsser talking in his classic On continue reading


Jay-Z decoded?

A remarkable and consummate storyteller. That’s what I first thought about Jay-Z when continue reading

Steve Jobs on Dragons’ Den?

Dragons’ Den is a series of reality television programs featuring entrepreneurs pitching their ideas to a panel of venture capitalists in order continue reading

How do you get people to notice you?

Almost everything is interesting. You just need to present it properly.
Because it often takes an outsider to see what’s beautiful in our lives.

Making Of Bonbons in Berlin

What can YouTube cofounder teach us about WOM

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What is the worst thing in life?

I just watched a remarkable movie called World’s Greatest continue reading

How does a caterpillar change into a butterfly?

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What is change?

“Change is a math formula,” notes Alan Webber in his book Rules of Thumb (I highly recommend it). “Change happens when the cost of the status quo is greater continue reading

What can an airbag teach us about business

Does your business make customer service a priority?
“An invitation to return” is what I prefer to call good customer service.
Do continue reading

Can words suffocate?

My 2¢: In marketing, when you complicate your words, you suffocate my thoughts.

(Inspired by Martin Grech’s “Open Heart Zoo” lyrics)

What can muffins teach us about marketing

Muffins are simple but delicious and elegant crowd pleasing treats. While I enjoy them continue reading

What would Bruce Lee do?

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once,
but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.
Bruce Lee

The greatest icon continue reading