What kind of marketing is the most effective?

sneezr.ca Have you ever asked yourself that question? I did. In fact, many years ago I spent countless hours trying to figure it out.
The answer turned out to be quite simple: word of mouth marketing. Or as I call it: the art of cultivating recommendations.

Surprised? Probably not. With recommendations, there is no sales pressure and no credibility issues. When your friends, family members or trusted co-workers recommend something or someone to you, they are genuinely trying to help you. That means a lot, which is why you usually remember it for a long time. But here is the catch: recommendations must be earned. How do you do that? Where do you start? How do you give people a reason to talk about your products/services? How do you nudge your story into every day conversations? I launched sneezr.ca to help you answer those questions.

Buttons are not replacing people.

Pull up a chair please—I’d like to share something with you.
It’s far more important to write well than most people realize.
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“My appointment is at 10am. I arrive early. I sit beside some kind of magazine rack… looking at it, staring at it. My mouth is dry. I feel a slight tremor in continue reading

Some allies are more 🔥 than others.

Did you ever have a pet goldfish? They’re inexpensive & available almost everywhere. But are they a 🔥 ally?

Sure, a goldfish won’t ever wake you up early on continue reading

Good thinking is expensive.

Good thinking is expensive. It takes time, attention, energy, etc., and it often involves other folks.

But bad thinking often costs a fortune, right?

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A way to find your truth.

As you know, the mechanism which ensures human survival is the ability to change our behaviour.

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Your preferred search engine is your mind.

Sure, Google may have more data. But, to you, what good is a 4.3 Google Reviews rating for a hair salon at which they were short with you or your friend(s)?

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Why do you watch TV shows?

You’ve likely heard of HBO’s wildly popular TV show Succession. It never shows any special effects, and no new frontiers of nature, science, or technology are cracked continue reading

Are people like Jose Mourinho the reason why we need a Rotten Tomatoes for soccer coaches?

Ever wonder why well-known European soccer clubs keep hiring dated, in-decline, and mean soccer managers like Jose Mourinho?

(If you’re a fan of Jose Mourinho, I’d love continue reading

Strategy is a design for creating value.

Know someone who can explain strategy in simpler terms? Hire them.


Successful folks tend to be givers.

Those who don’t give usually don’t lack resources; they lack direction.

One of the gifts most people can’t get enough of is the continue reading