What can a used Jeep teach us about marketing

Based on a true story

Let me tell you a story:
Once upon a time a guy, let’s call him Bob, wrote a classified ad in the automotive section of his local newspaper. He was hoping to sell his used Jeep that had a snowplow attachment—not much different from the one pictured below.

In the above ad, Bob mentioned how the Jeep had newer tires, good engine, no rust, etc.
You know, typical used car stuff.
A few weeks went—no response. Not a single phone call.
He mentioned this, casually, to a friend of his over a cup of coffee in their local coffee shop.
Upon hearing this story, his friend suggested a different approach.
The next day, Bob wrote a new ad.
This time he placed it in the Business Opportunities section of his local newspaper with this headline:
“Be your own boss—start your own snow removal business.”
The Jeep sold two days after Bob placed his ad.

My 2¢: Design is an engine of difference.