Do you really know where you’re leading your business?

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Yes, you—please take stock of what you accomplished in 2012. Did you reach all of your goals? Did you expand your business? Whatever continue reading

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How to divorce a business idea

Divorcing a business idea can be an extremely difficult thing to do.
Even for mature, successful companies such as Coca-Cola. Let’s for a minute go all the way back to April of 1985, when Coca-Cola introduced New Coke. This was not a good idea, but it took Coca-Cola a little while to realize that they needed to divorce it.

And even Coca-Cola didn’t do it without some outside help. After being flooded with thousands of phone calls, 40,000 plus letters and reams of bad press, the company finally backtracked three months later announcing the return of Coca-Cola “Classic”.

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Are you living your dream?

My 2¢: Is this an example of Brand Journalism?
By the way, BMW told the audience in a German theatre what they were about to experience.

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Have you heard?

At this very moment, a lot of people are all ears.
(Chances are, you’re one of them.)
Actually, at any given moment, a lot of people continue reading

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