Have you heard?

At this very moment, a lot of people are all ears.
(Chances are, you’re one of them.)
Actually, at any given moment, a lot of people are all ears, looking, searching…
What are they searching for?
It turns out, mostly information about all kinds of things: they want better-paying jobs; they want to look better; they want to feel more attractive to others; they want to learn something; they want to live longer; they want to be comfortable; they want to save time—you name it.

The question is: What do most of these people have in common?
It’s simple: They are ready to receive suggestions as to how to fulfill their wants.
Some of them may want whatever it is that you have to offer.
So what can you do to ATTRACT them to whatever it is that you have to offer?
How much time do I have? Not much? Okay…
You can begin by spotlighting the remarkable and noteworthy in your product or service. One way to do this is to create a memorable tagline that will sum up the tone and the unique promise of value that you offer. Think Like a rock. (Chevy Trucks); Broadcast Yourself (YouTube); When you care enough to send the very best. (Hallmark); The ultimate driving machine. (BMW); or A diamond is forever. (DeBeers).

Why do memorable taglines work? In my opinion:
a. Because they tend to narrow the reader’s emotional focus.
b. They create a sense of clarity, and clarity is one thing everybody appreciates.

Lack a memorable tagline? Not sure how to discover or create one?
Enter 99dollartaglines.com. I recently came across this interesting venture, and in an attempt to learn more about it, and how they got the inspiration for this fun and fresh business concept, I contacted them. Intrigued? I had the pleasure of exchanging a few words with Craig Geller, the founder of 99dollartaglines.com, and he graciously agreed to conduct a quick interview for sneezr.ca. Before you head over to 99dollartaglines.com, check out Craig’s answers to my interview questions:

Jenan: How did you chose your niche?
Craig: I was trying to figure out how to complement the wave of crowd sourced logo sites. A way to allow small businesses to also access affordable copy during their initial stages of branding. Being a seasoned copywriter, I felt I could develop a business model based on my being able to deliver targeted tag lines quickly and affordably.

Jenan: What perception do you want your customers to hold when they think of your business?
Craig: As an approachable, fun one-stop shop for taglines that over delivers in terms of quantity and quality.

Jenan: Any advice for someone considering starting a niche business? (I often refer to this as the “If I started today…” segment.)
Craig: Think it through. It’s not enough to have the good idea. You have to figure out how you’re going to expose people to that good idea. I’m still making my way, but I’m learning and listening to friends and colleagues all of whom have a lot to share.

Jenan: Thank for sharing Craig and take care!

Parting suggestion: Your tagline should be the icing on your cake. The icing is not the cake, and the icing does not make the cake.