What can the P’9522 teach us about creativity

WIRED described it with one word: Gorgeous.
The object in question was the P’9522, a mobile phone designed by Porsche.
Here is a little taste of the article in question (published on April 08, 2009):

“Touchscreen interface is easy to understand… 5-megapixel camera has auto-focus and captures clean, vivid images. LED flash doubles as a flashlight. Unlocking the phone with its fingerprint scanner is very MI5.” (You can see the rest of the article here.)

I completely forgot about the remarkable P’9522 mobile phone until a few days ago, when I saw its picture again in a copy of the Christophorus magazine – the official Porsche customer magazine. You see, recently I was invited to visit the newest Porsche store in Canada (located in Saskatoon). During my short visit, I was reminded over and over again why Porsche is one of my all-time-favourite organizations. Every little detail I came in touch with had the timeless and authentic design philosophy of the brand in its purest form built right in. But I am not telling you nothing new here, right? The Porsche products have stood for timeless and purist design ever since the brand was founded in 1931 by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche.

Okay, now back to the P’9522 (originally released back in 2008).
First, take one more look at the P’9522  mobile phone right here.
Second, take a look at the new iPhone 4 right here.
Third, repeat the first two steps a couple of times.

I decided to share this short post with you for two reasons:

1. To suggest that good ideas do not have to be new ideas.
2. To remind you of my up-to-date favourite definition of creativity: Creativity is the best use of the obvious.

September 2010

*An interesting fact: Porsche Canada’s current President and CEO, Joe Lawrence, is an ex-colleague from the days when I was professionally associated with BMW Canada.