How to make the postman blush ;)

What an interesting story! That’s what I thought after I first heard how Natalie Grunberg, co-founder of Panty by Post, got the inspiration for a fun and fresh business concept. In short, after having spent a summer abroad in France, Natalie asked herself the following: “Why are French women always so confident, beautiful and well put together? What’s their secret?” Their secret, Natalie decided, must be their panties…

Intrigued? I had the pleasure of exchanging a few words with Natalie recently, and she graciously agreed to conduct a quick interview for Before you head over to Panty by Post’s website, check out Natalie’s answers to my interview questions:

Jenan: Your story is very captivating and very easy to retell. How did you get to be so easy to understand?

The story of began, as you mentioned in your email to me, in the mecca of beauty and romance, Pairs. Every day, I watched the fashion show displayed on the streets of that dazzling city. The French women strut in high heels and fishnets, parading their elegant, supreme style. Regardless of age or shape, their confidence most likely stemmed from the French fashion staple: lingerie. Sexy lingerie is part and parcel of an outfit, not a special occasion item. But these small pieces of French heaven often come with a whopping price tag! So this is what sparked We offer French lingerie, without breaking the bank, and we ship our lingerie all over the world.

When your pretty panty surprise arrives monthly, the nostalgia of the packaging, note and tissue paper is a sensual experience bound to generate a mood to help you discover your inner sexiness. This means you can enjoy a taste of French romance every month (wink). Or, share this sensual surprise as a thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one. Our story is about simple but necessary pleasures. It’s about a basic need to feel beautiful from the inside out, no matter what shape you may be.

Jenan: What perception do you want your customers to hold when they think of your business?

Natalie: We value our customers and work very hard to provide above and beyond the call of duty type of service. We hear back from our customers that they love the attention to detail and they appreciate our fast responses. We do custom packages, offer advice and arrange special delivery, if the customer is in a pinch. We want them to trust out service and believe in the quality of our product. We want them to have a fun monthly reminder that they’re loved!

Jenan: Any advice for someone considering starting a niche business? (I often refer to this as the “If I started today…” segment.)

Natalie: If I started today I would not change a thing. I have learned so much about being in business and it’s my passion. Your business is like a baby, it needs constant attention and energy. The rewards may take some time to see, so be content with the daily effort your business requires. You know the saying that goes something like, love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life. That’s how I feel. If you find a business that is gratifying, as I have with mine, you won’t mind the hard work, it will be a given. That’s not to say it’s easy but if you are focussed and strong, you can accomplish your goals. It’s about long term sustained effort, much like all good things in life. A good idea is a start, but you must have the drive and the ethic to put in the time to building your dream. The statistics are not always encouraging, but never let that discourage you. Keep your eye on the prize, whatever that may be for you.

Jenan: Thanks Natalie!
Natalie: My pleasure.