How to make an entire career of wearing a nametag

What a remarkable story!
That’s what I first thought when I came across Why? Well, for starters, Scott Ginsberg transformed wearing a nametag into a six figure enterprise. And did I mention that Scott is the only person in the world who wears a nametag 24-7? (He’s being doing it for almost 10 consecutive years now!)

Intrigued? Hoping to learn more about Scott and how he got the inspiration for his fun and fresh business concept, I recently contacted him and he graciously agreed to conduct a quick interview for Before you head over to his really neat website, check out Scott’s answers to my interview questions:

Jenan: Thank you once again for doing this interview Scott – I really appreciate it. My first question to you is: How many push-ups can you do in a row? (Here is why this was my lead question: On Scott’s website I read that when he meets someone for the first time, he tends to ask them ONE unexpected & penetrating question.)

Scott: I suck at push ups. But ask me to two a two-minute yoga back bend without losing my breath, and you got a deal…

Jenan: We have a deal! Now, what can you tell us about your organizing principle for your marketing activities?

Scott: Everything I do is marketing. Everything. And if it’s not, I find a way to incorporate marketing into it. This reminds me of what I read in Dan Pink’s 2001 book, “Free Agent Nation.” He says most entrepreneurs spend 43 minutes a day marketing. That’s it? What do you do for the other 437 minutes? Check your email? Every minute of every day is marketing. Period.

Jenan: How did you chose your niche?

Scott: I didn’t choose my niche – my niche chose me. That’s how it works sometimes. It’s more about listening for what wants to be written than deciding what to write. And the cool part is, when your niche chooses you, there’s a sense of humility and excitement and vulnerability that you learn to embrace, and those forces inform your work in that niche.

Jenan: What perception do you want people to hold when they think of your business?

Scott: Credible. Desirable. Professional. Fun. Interesting. Valuable. Resourceful. Just a few words come to mind. Because it’s not just about the way people experience your brand – but also the way they experience themselves in relation to that brand.

Jenan: Any advice for someone considering starting a niche business? (I often refer to this as the “If I started today…” segment.)

Scott: Pick a lane. Stop your driving your brand all over the interstate. You’ll either get pulled over, cause an accident or alienate other drivers. And it’s hard to do so because, like the grocery store line, you always see someone else moving faster. And you think, “Oh boy! Let’s go over there so we can check out quicker.” Then you realize the person in front of you is a moron and doesn’t remember her pin number. Same goes with branding. You have to be the origin, not the echo.

Jenan: What’s next for Scott?

Scott: What’s next is an expansion of my service line to include more video work as a mobile host, spokes person and on-camera talent. Got some cool projects in the works. Always more books, of course. Possibly world domination, depending on how much I get done before lunch.

Jenan: Ha, ha – thank you Scott!

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Aug 2010