You have to plant a seed and water it a bit

“We sat there in the kitchen and I started to pick away at these chords… “It’s the evening of the day.’ I might have written that. ‘I sit and watch the children play,’ I certainly wouldn’t have come up with that. We had two lines and an interesting chore sequence, and then something else took over somewhere in this process. I don’t want to say mystical, but you can’t put your finger on it. Once you’ve got that idea, the rest will come. It’s like you’ve planted a seed, then you water it a bit and suddenly it sticks up out of ground and goes, hey look at me.”

The above is a short story by Keith Richards from his book Life.
It’s about him and Mick Jagger writing one of their first songs.

My 2ยข: Plant a seed and water it a bit. That’s all you can do. But do it. Now.