You Can Win By Doing Wrong

Lance Armstrong.

Bernie Madoff.

Ben Johnson.



Once upon a time, all of the above were winners, no?

Does seeing the word ‘winners’ next to the above names irk you?


One of the reasons why you likely feel that way is simple: Because they were winning by doing wrong.

You know what’s funny? The ‘winning by doing something wrong’ way of thinking is as old as the world itself.

Since the beginning of time, most people, in their gut, have known that you can ‘win’ that way. Most people know that you can ‘win’ things by doing wrong.

The most recent example is the US election. As the American author and public speaker Fran Lebowitz recently said, “He didn’t win because he did something right; he won because he did something wrong. We always knew you could win that way — appealing to the worst.”

History, sadly, repeats itself. And history instructs, too.

You can ‘win’ by doing wrong. And you know what happens to those who do, don’t you?

Jul 15, 2017

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