You can play music, but you can’t make everyone dance.

Imagine you’re throwing a party. Maybe the party is for someone dear who just graduated, maybe you just closed a big deal, maybe you just bought a new home, or maybe it’s for you-name-it.

So you invite folks early, you tell them why they should attend, you get the good food, etc.

Finally, it’s the day of the party. The weather is perfect. Everybody showed up, and the whole scene looks a helluvalot like a Ralph Lauren ad of a social gathering in the Hamptons.

And yet if someone were to look more closely at your party, they’d notice one interesting thing.

That thing?

Even when folks like the host of the party; even when the food, drinks, and setting are Ralph-Lauren-Hamptons-ad-like, and even if the music is good, you still can’t make everyone dance.

“True. So, how does this relate to my business?” you may be thinking now.

Here’s one way to relate to the above: Hosting good parties is similar to promoting marketing campaigns. Because in both cases, even if most of your ingredients are good, you’re simply not going to get everyone dancing. But that doesn’t mean that folks aren’t enjoying it, remembering it, or valuing it.

Organizing parties for the folks you love and keeping in touch with your clients, friends, and fans through your marketing campaigns are both labours of love. And like most people who have been around the block once or twice, you know that labours of love tend to always pay off — just not always how or when we expect them to, no?

Jun 7, 2018