You—keeper of the flame

It’s true, when people go shopping, their final purchasing decision is made in store. Is your store ready?

As the keeper of the flame in your store (offline, online—what line?), you know that fires need perpetual attention to grow.

Said differently, are you happy with how your product or service is showcased on your website or in your store?
Do you need to, as the author Guy Kawasaki suggests, “get better reality?”

Better reality in this context does not suggest doing something disingenuous. Far from it. Better reality simply means making something truthful and meaningful more engaging.

For example, how do you feel about your sales brochures?
What happens when someone calls your business?
World-class companies are not shallow; they touch customers consistently across all touch points.

Do you have your customer touch points mapped out? Do you deliver what you promise? Be honest.

Parting suggestion: You draw conclusions from clues. We all do. It’s only natural.