Why the world is waiting on You

Yann Martel is a prominent Canadian writer.
He rose to abrupt prominence when his second novel, Life of Pi, won the 2002 Man Booker Prize.
(I highly recommend this book.)

Yann lives in Saskatoon. (And so do I.)
On Sep 25, 2011, I was in attendance at the Word on the Street festival in Saskatoon (Word on the Street is a magazine and book fair stretching all across Canada), to listen to Yann as he read from his book What is Stephen Harper Reading. 

During the said performance, Yann read the following passage:

History can be many things, depending on how we read it, just as the future can be many things, depending on how we live it. There is no inevitability to any historical occurrence, only what people will allow to take place. And it is by dreaming first that we get to new realities. Hence the need for poets.
_ _ _ 

My 2¢:
And hence the need for designers, entrepreneurs, etc.
The world is waiting on you—the future can be many things.
The world needs all kinds of interesting things, things like 10socks.com.