Why is it so irresistible?

The top 4 kinds of content which make the internet compelling… strike that.

The top 4 kinds of content which make the internet irresistible — so irresistible that authorities have to pass laws to force us to tear ourselves away from it while driving — come from these categories:

  • funny,
  • useful,
  • beautiful, and
  • inspiring.

That’s not me talking.

That’s the editors at Fast Company sharing their findings from a global study in which folks were asked about the brands and the content they actively sought out.

3 out of the top 4 kinds of content folks crave are about one thing: emotion.


Probably not.

Because you know that what you like is usually something that changes your mood, not your mind.

Takeaway: The heart is the bullseye.

In life and in business, don’t overlook the mind, but remember: The heart is the bullseye.

Or, as the editors of Fast Company put it, “Share of emotion beats share of mind. The best online brands have always understood this instinctively. Now we have the data to prove it.”

Over to you: Which of the above 4 kinds of content (i.e. funny, useful, beautiful, and inspiring) do you wish to see more of in your branding?