Why in advertising simple is almost always better

A reader from Montreal wrote to me earlier today.
The reader challenged me to ‘defend’ the notion that in advertising simple is almost always better.
I took the challenge. Simple = Better because:

Simple is hard to miss.
Simple is easier to remember.
Simple breaks through advertising clutter.

Case in point: George Lois‘ ad for Coldene, the cough medicine.

(Click here to see his explanation about how he developed this groundbreaking ad.)

My 2¢:
People prefer Simplicity. They take it as evidence of quality, beauty and truth.
95% of all advertising is poorly designed and poorly written.
In a word: Complicated. Please don’t add to the pile.

P.S. Remember, Simplicity is not about less effort. Simplicity is all about the right effort.

Oct 13, 2012