Why generic is bad

Gulfstream—The World Standard.
What do you think about the above tagline?
Gulfstream, an airplane manufacturer, uses it often in its ads.
It’s generic, no? You could just as well say something like:
Google—The World Standard.

Generic = easily forgotten.
Are all taglines generic and easily forgotten?
Far from it. Some are absolutely brilliant.
Case in point:
HallmarkWhen you care enough to send the very best.

Hallmark’s tagline is absolutely brilliant.
When you want to send a birthday, Valentine, or condolence card, you want it to reflect your deep feelings and appreciation of the recipient. This is why Hallmark’s tagline gently reminds you to, when you care enough, send the very best.

My 2¢:
Help people remember why should they give your business the attention it deserves. So how do you do it? How much time do we have? Not much? OK: In short, through design—think MINIApple; through easy of use—think GoogleAmazon.com, through remarkable customer service—think ZapposRackspace, or through remarkable copywriting—think Hallmark. Go.