Why do you watch TV shows?

You’ve likely heard of HBO’s wildly popular TV show Succession. It never shows any special effects, and no new frontiers of nature, science, or technology are cracked wide open on it. So, why do so many watch it season after season?

My 2ยข: Because they’re hoping to (somehow) learn, from the characters, how to level up skills in one area of life that tends to break most relationships. That area is called ‘communication.’

Surprised to hear that? Probably not.

You see, in Succession (and in many, many, many similar shows), the seeds of destruction for most relationships are planted during some form of communication.

Communication is the root cause both of an unfulfilled and a fulfilled life.

Communication is the glue that holds relationships, organizations, even societies together. Some say that ‘culture’ holds an organization together. But, can an organization even have a culture without communication?