Why are Gladwell & Godin progress leaders?

Why do I encourage every entrepreneur I come in contact with to read at least one book by authors Malcolm Gladwell or Seth Godin? Because chances are, more often than not, the instant you read something written by one of them, something will click in your mind, snapping on a light that illuminates the way forward.

Consider Gladwell’s The Tipping Point for example. Chances are, you’ll probably be drawn into this book from the moment you crack the spine. My prediction is that each story will leave you wanting to talk to someone about what you had just learned. I just re-read it a few days ago, the edition that included by a new afterword by the author. Gladwell is always fun to read, but I must say that I did not expect to enjoy the book as much as I actually did. What made such an impact on me this time around? The new afterword. Here’s a little taste:

“One of the things that motivated me to write The Tipping Point was the mystery of word of mouth – a phenomenon that everyone seemed to agree was important but no one seemed to know how to define. It is on this subject that readers have talked to me the most over the last year, and on which I have thought the most as well. What is now obvious to me – but was not at the time I wrote The Tipping Point – is that we are about to enter the age of word of mouth, and that, paradoxically, all of the sophistication and wizardry and limitless access to information of the New Economy is going to lead us to rely more and more on very primitive kinds of social contacts.”

Parting suggestion: Please don’t take this last point lightly.

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