Who wants what you’ve got?

The answer to this is rarely everyone. It’s easy to forget that.

My 2¢:
Shrink to grow.
Think of the shrink to grow as a kind of organizing principle for your outreach marketing activities.

Fact: You only have so much energy and time to accomplish daily tasks. The real key to cultivating effective outreach marketing activities is selecting just a few simple, effective things to do and then doing those things consistently. Just about right now I can picture you saying: “But I don’t want to limit myself.” The shrink to grow philosophy doesn’t limit you; it focuses you. Since this is a very important point, I’ll repeat it: To be effective at marketing you need an organizing principle for your outreach marketing activities.

The shrink to grow is about consistently applying a common sense process for listening to, working with and tending to the needs of customers. The best promoter of your business is you customer. If you take care of that person, if you delight that person, he’ll walk right of out the door and sell for you.

P.S. I use the masculine pronouns merely as a shortcut.