What’s left when you take away a half?

This is long so feel free to skip it.

Story #1:

I just got back from a meeting with representatives of the exclusive Calgary-based Ferrari retailer for Alberta (the same people are also the exclusive Maserati retailer for Alberta). Why did we meet? Because we are trying to put together one of a kind cross-promo event in Saskatoon. (As you probably know, the Ferrari brand does no mainstream marketing whatsoever — no billboards, no ad campaigns. It relies on word of mouth and special events.)

Sure, I could go on and on about this iconic brand, let me just say this: The incomparable Ferrari is the world’s most seductive automobile. Even in countries with no roads, people are madly in love with Ferraris.

Story #2:
While on the road, I ended up watching a docudrama, if you will, titled The Damned United. I highly recommend this flick. It’s about the slick and confident Brian Clough (brilliantly played by Michael Sheen), easily the most charismatic manager in football. Ever.

The film is all about how Brian Clough and his business partner Peter Taylor (brilliantly played by Timothy Spall) coached two small football clubs from the bottom of England’s Second (or Third, I can’t remember) Division all the way to the Premier League Championships. For various reasons, at one crucial point in Clough’s career, Taylor refused to continue working with Clough. Initially, Clough thought that he could go on without Taylor. It soon became obvious to him that he was wrong. Dead wrong. When Taylor stopped working with Clough, he was left with nothing. Since I don’t want to spoil the movie for you, I won’t tell you what happened next. Sorry :-(.

The question is: What do these two stories have in common?
Both stories are essentially about the value of one’s assets.
You see, when you walk up to a Ferrari, you can’t help but to notice how each vehicle displays a not-so-subtle badge that reads Pininfarina.  

The famous Italian design powerhouse has been a longtime strategic partner of the Ferrari brand. And my guess is that the Ferrari brand, unlike Brian Clough, features the Pininfarina’s badge on each of its cars because it understands the value of the partnership.

My 2¢:
Do you know what your biggest assets are?
Are you giving them enough credit?
Could you afford to lose some of them?
In life and in business, often when you take away a half, you’re not left with a half. You’re left with nothing.

Feb 26, 2012