What comes first?

If you spend any time reading and/or listening to modern teachers of success theories, you’ll likely notice that they tend to emphasize the premise that change begins with a thought. This premise seems sound, but it’s wrong.

The point I’m about to make may not be popular. It may not win me friends. But I must make it:
Stillness is what comes first. Everything starts from stillness, including thought.

“Okay, so what path leads to stillness?” Is that your next question? If yes, the short answer: not the one that’s called “meeting with a group of people in a meeting room.” One of the proven paths to stillness is a high degree of individualism.

Question: have you ever noticed how being successful in any business requires a high degree of individualism? Companies such as Disney, Ford, Google, Amazon, or Apple started in small rooms and/or garages, and were driven by the inspiration of just one, or sometimes two people. How many companies that are household names today were created by a consenting group of people sitting in a meeting room? When you have a minute, let me know. :)