What can the little black dress teach us about marketing

Earlier today (May 19 2012), I came across an interesting vignette in the Globe and Mail written by the novelist Russell Smith. The piece was titled “Is there one piece of clothing every woman should own?” Here’s a little taste of Russell wrote:

“My instinct was immediately LBD: little black dress. A simple, fitted black dress that goes to just over or just under the knees can take you anywhere (particularly to dress-up events) and can be businessified with a jacket or tarted up with jewellery. Expert female advice confirmed my instinct. Loretta Chin, a well-known fashion stylist, said, ‘A great black dress can get you through any occasion, day or night. Whether it’s a business meeting, a date, a luncheon or a funeral, a simple change of accessories can change the dynamic when it comes to this wardrobe must-have.’”

My 2¢: Tell me, which of your marketing assets is the equivalent of the little black dress?