What can Nikon teach us about business

The Nikon F Series (on the right) was first introduced back in 1959 as Nikon’s first ever SLR camera. The camera featured a black body, subtly signalling that it was aimed at professionals.

I was thinking about this camera a few days ago after a conversation with a friend of mine. In short, this person wanted to get really serious about photography, but not before they first bought a new camera. “What’s wrong with your existing camera,” I asked. The answer was: “It has a silver body.” The silver colour apparently does not make one seem serious about photography.

My 2¢: Ambience is the secret to any memorable interaction. It’s often the small things that put us on the path to creating and delivering a true, lasting competitive advantage. Want big results? Think small. Focus your attention on the small details. If overlooked, they can sabotage your marketing campaigns.