What can MacDonald’s teach us about marketing

You are trying to sell your product/service to people who feel overwhelmed.
Our mobile phones have more functions that we can learn.
The same is true for our TVs, etc. It’s true, everyone you deal with is overwhelmed.
Whatever you want to communicate to people, you must learn to do it simply.

So… how do you do it?
Generally speaking, to understand what’s taking place, most people need only two things:
a. They need to picture what’s taking place.
b. Then, they need to be able to get themselves into the picture.

Case in point: MacDonald’s.

Buying a Cheeseburger at MacDonald’s is simple.
You don’t need to analyze, guess, evaluate or make difficult decisions.
The whole process is simple, clear and mainly focused around pictures.

Don’t rush to say, “Life’s easy for MacDonald’s—their products sell themselves.”
Great communicators concentrate your attention, engage your emotions and give your mind a clear destination even if what the brand is selling is but a commodity*. Not convinced? Consider the GEICO brand.

Has it not become more than just another auto insurance company, and a key figure of modern pop culture, mainly because it has mastered the art of self-presentation? (*With the word commodity we usually define goods or services which can be purchased from any supplier and the end-result is, give or take, the same.)

My 2¢: Simplicity is not about less effort. Simplicity is all about the right effort. It’s easy to forget that.