What can Kevin Costner teach us about success

The actor Kevin Costner knows something about success (e.g. won two Academy Awards). Here’s what he said about his early days during his recent interview with Esquire magazine:

People see me as very successful now. They aren’t willing to put my life in reverse. They don’t want to know that on the construction site I had to choose between the Ding Dongs and the chocolate milk. Every day the lunch truck came by when I was framing houses. I wanted the chocolate milk. But it cost more than the plain milk. So if I chose the chocolate milk, I didn’t have enough money to get the Ding Dongs.

My 2¢:
Kevin Costner wasn’t always Kevin Costner.
Not that long ago, life was not easy for Kevin Costner.
Not that long ago, Kevin Costner was a man without a voice.
It’s easy to forget that.