What can Brad Pitt teach us about success

The actor Brad Pitt knows something about success.
Here’s what he said about his early days during his recent interview with Bob Thompson from Postmedia News:

Q: Do fans forget that you were once an “under-valued” actor who struggled before breaking out with a cameo in 1991’s Thelma & Louise?

A: I moved from Missouri to L.A. with a couple of hundred bucks in my pocket, not knowing anyone. I signed up with an extra agency, and I was doing extra work for a couple of years.
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My 2¢:
Brad Pitt wasn’t always Brad Pitt.
Not that long ago, life was not easy for Brad Pitt.
Not that long ago, Brad Pitt was a man without a voice. It’s easy to forget that.

P.S. This article is dedicated to my dear friend T.—a great guy, talented artist and an aspiring actor who is just about to move to L.A. to pursue his dreams.