Want big results? Think small.

As celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay asserts in his autobiography Humble Pie, if you care about the product, you have to care about the whole experience:

It doesn’t matter how amazing the steak is, if it’s served on a cold plate, it’s crap. If it’s served with a dull knife, it’s crap. If the gravy isn’t piping hot, it’s crap. If you’re eating it on an uncomfortable chair, it’s crap. If it’s served by an ugly waiter who just came in from a cigarette break, it’s crap. Because I care about the steak, I have to care about everything around it.

My 2¢: It’s often the small things that put us on the path to creating and delivering a true, lasting competitive advantage. Want big results? Think small. How small? Let me share a personal story with you.