Tinker on to bend it like Beckham

Yesterday morning, I was on a Skype video call with Cape Town, talking to an associate of a dear friend of mine Yuri Arcurs—one of the world’s most successful microstock photographers. You probably see Yuri’s photos every day: in your newspaper, online brochures, in your favourite magazines, etc. Photos such as this

or this

In short, Yuri is in the process of launching a brand new online platform for his business, and I have been providing my humble input to him and his team about it for some time now.

I am really enjoying the whole experience. They are doing a lot of tinkering. That’s good.
I can’t remember who said that people unfortunately spend too much time asking experts like Beckham about the secrets of their success. And interestingly enough, they don’t come away much wiser. Why is that people think that there’s a single answer to the implicit question “What set of principles will enable millions of youngsters to bend it like Beckham?”

My 2¢:
The roadmap to success?
Sometimes I wish it was that simple :-).
But I feel that we have one good lead—tinker on.
People like David Beckham and Yuri Arcurs have been tinkering for years.
Your tinkering is a midwifery gift to a future struggling to be born.

Feb 29 2012