This just in: The only way to make real money

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“The only way to make real money is to offer the public something entirely new, that has style value as well as substance, and which they cannot get anywhere else.”
Sir James Dyson, Against the Odds: An Autobiography

My 2¢: What can we learn about business from James Dyson? Here are three quick suggestions:

a.  Delivering a Younique story isn’t easy, but it’s worth it.

b. We are what we imagine ourselves to be. It’s easy to forget that. Prior to designing and manufacturing the now famous Dyson vacuums, James Dyson had ZERO experience in the vacuum business.

c. Taste Younique. It’s the only way to make real money. (What’s so great about being typical anyway?)

P.S. Against the Odds is one of the most inspiring autobiographies that I’ve read in a long time.