This just in: the eyes have it online

Today’s story began three years ago. Here’s what happened: In Sep of 2009 I came across an interesting article written by Harvard Business School professor Mikolaj Jan Piskorski. In short, after having spent the previous few years studying users of blogs and social networking sites (not LinkedIn) to see what people did when they were online, professor Mikolaj Jan Piskorski summarized his findings in this short article.

The biggest discovery: pictures.
“People just love to look at pictures,” says Piskorski. “That’s the killer app of all online social networks.

My 2¢:
Surprised? Probably not.

Are you happy with how your product or service is showcased on your website?
Are you happy with the quality of the photos on your website or your business’ page on Facebook?

Do you need to, as the author Guy Kawasaki suggests, “get better reality?”
Better reality in this context does not suggest doing something disingenuous.
Far from it. Better reality simply means making something truthful and meaningful more engaging.

Nov 16, 2012