The two places you spend the most time in are…

According to founder and CEO Ken Seiff (as per his recent interview for Forbes magazine), the answer is: “The two places you spend the most time are in bed and at the office.” (Thanks for pointing that out!)

While doesn’t promise to help you sleep at night, it does hope to make the time you spend at the office fun, cool and inspiring. How? By redesigning some common office supplies such as pens, staplers, etc. Said differently, wants to do for office supplies what Starbucks did for coffee: turn them into something people want, not just need. is an example of an easy to understand, niche, and talkable business. And at its core, it seems, is an authentic story focused on differentiation. This is why it probably intrigues you across many dimensions.

But as Jessica Shambora notes in the above-mentioned article, perhaps the most important question is: can convince office managers that stylin’ stationery will help the bottom line? Seiff believes that he can make a business case for increased morale, and he notes a trend of companies aspiring to be more mission-driven, which includes creating a culture that keeps employees happy and also attracts new talent. He thinks Poppin can help companies accomplish this by providing their employees with the best tools to do their jobs. (Read full article here.)

My 2¢: Looking for big results? Think small. Make something good better.