The soul never thinks without a picture

That’s not me talking.
That’s Aristotle talking (perhaps the most famous of all the Greek philosophers).
I completely forgot all about that remarkable insight until a couple of days ago.
Here’s what happened: just the other day, I came across a few short video ads for EF International Language Centers, a Swedish-based company that offers study abroad programs and language courses in some 50 countries.

In short, to promote its services, the company recently launched a new series of short video ads that have no voiceover sales pitch, no mention of what the school does or how to enrol, etc. Instead, the videos highlight the life-enhancing benefits of studying abroad. In a word: remarkable! But don’t take my word for it, go ahead, see it for yourself and have some fun:

My 2¢: Great memories: aren’t they the true rewards of life?

P.S. What emotional benefits does your product or service provide to your target audience?