The plants in the Amazon jungle—do they market?

The Amazon jungle might look like it would be a desirable place to live, if you are a plant. It’s lush, exotic, flourishing, with plenty of water. But with thirty million species in the rain forest, vegetation grows so thickly that each plant must fight to gain food, protection, and even a slender ray of light. Plants act like marketing managers: developing unique adaptations, designing extensions, and seeking unconventional niches.

That is not me talking. That is Sally Hogshead talking in her remarkable book titled Fascinate (I highly recommend it.) Why should you check it out? How much time do I have? Not much? Okay—as an entrepreneur, are you not much like a plant in the Amazon jungle? If you agree with me then wouldn’t you want to know about certain “triggers” that can boost your chances to gain food and light? This is just one of many reasons you should read Sally’s book.

P.S. By the way, I was thinking—who is to say that plants in their sophisticated and little understood efforts to be competitive do not cultivate referrals? Who is to say that plants do not utilize word of mouth marketing? This is of course not a fact—just my own hypotheses. And what do I base it on? If it’s a fact that a honeybee upon its return home from a great flower patch dances out its location for her fellow bees—what do you call the honeybee’s dance? Tell me, what do you call this fascinating form of communication?