The one thing you absolutely cannot do without….

What is the core imperative of business?
It’s quite simple, really. Just think about it.
In order to do business in this world, what is one thing you need?
The one thing you absolutely, positively cannot do without.
It’s not a business card.
It’s not an office.
No, Mr. High-Tech, it’s not your BlackBerry.
And you know? It’s not even a product.

The core off all business goes back to when human beings first began entering into the most rudimentary transactions with each other, when caveman traded a wooly mammoth pelt in exchange for a new club.
From the dawn of time, all business can be boiled down to one single thing.
An offer.
That’s right. An offer.
_ _ _

That’s not me talking.
That’s Mark Joyner talking in his book titled The Irresistible Offer.
I completely forgot all about that remarkable book until a couple of days ago.
Here’s what happened: just the other day, I ran into an acquaintance of mine.
After the usual chit-chat, I inquired about his business, to what he said that it could be doing better, much better. Since this was a fairly casual social encounter, I did not feel like probing any further.

Once I got back to my office however, I checked out his website. (The web address was on his card.) And guess what? The one thing I was hoping to spot immediately was not there. I bet you guessed it already: there was no offer. Honestly, it was not clear to me what exactly was I being offered by this business.

My 2¢: Looking for big results? Think small. Make an offer. Better yet, make a high ROI offer.