The currency of the future

Imagine the Eiffel Tower.
Imagine the Taj Mahal.
Imagine the Empire State Building.
What built these great structures?
The imagination of people, of course.
And the imagination of people is made from single building blocks called ideas.

It’s true: A good idea lies at the source of every innovation; every achievement.
This is why good ideas are the currency of the future.
And that’s why people want to invest in good ideas.
It’s no surprise, is it?
Once they invest in a good idea, they can stop spending and it will still have a life.
There isn’t a finality to it. There’s an ongoing story.
Think the Eiffel Tower.
Think the Taj Mahal.
Think the Empire State Building.

You know what’s funny, though?
Often when people first get an idea, they aren’t quite sure what to do with it.
Well, if that’s you, don’t worry.
Just write it down.
Even if all you have fits in one sentence.
Because a sentence is more than just a string of words.
A sentence is a vessel for an idea—a vessel driven by a benevolent purpose on a voyage to new shores.

What that means is still unclear.
Why the voyage begins is still a mystery.
But we do have one good lead: Good ideas depend on sentences.
So, write your ideas down.
Just like I am doing right now: Saskatoon—A City of Writers.

Sep 9, 2011