The Apple of Your I.

First, you convinced your friends to try a Mac. Then, you convinced them to get an iPhone. Then, if you’re a really good friend, you convinced them to buy Apple stock. :) (By revenue, the iPhone alone is now a bigger business than all of General Motors – see more here).

The spectacular success of Apple is nothing short of magical. While no single factor can explain Apple’s success, there is one common thread that runs through it all. And that’s simplicity.

People prefer simplicity. They take it as evidence of quality, beauty and truth. Bu don’t take my word for it: Leonardo da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

And yet, 95% of all branding assets in the world are poorly designed and complicated. Please don’t add to the pile. Instead, treat your brand like the apple of your I.

Dec 29, 2015