Petite Italian Model Seeks Love in Saskatoon

“The hardest part about designing a car is keeping it simple. Through simple, functional, responsible engineering comes beauty. The 500 and 500c is everything you need and nothing you don’t. We didn’t start by “adding”; we started by stripping away what was not needed. The 500 and 500c are both beautiful expressions of simple, functional Italian design.” – Roberto Giolrto, the designer behind the reinvention of Fiat’s historic 500 nameplate.
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My take: The new FIAT 500 is as fun and as iconic as the original. But that’s not all: FIAT’s long-anticipated return to the North American market brings the new FIAT 500 + the opportunity for a customer experience that is as unique as the FIAT 500 itself.

In short, the new FIAT 500—a modern take on a motoring icon—will be offered to the potential buyers in specially designated spaces called “FIAT studios”. This past Friday (May 6 2011), I had the pleasure of exchanging a few words with Paul Savoie of Studio FIAT in Saskatoon, about the FIAT 500 and the soon to be opened Studio FIAT in Saskatoon.

Jenan: Paul, what can you tell us about the unique FIAT studio concept?
Paul: The FIAT Studio concept will be different than your traditional dealership or car showroom experience.

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