Super sad true biz story :(


Have you ever witnessed this scene: a new business opens in your city. You maybe notice it as you drive by because a small banner says “Open.” A few weeks later, you notice they’ve put on a huuuuuge “Now Open” banner. Without thinking much, you mentally give them your 2¢: “Why would you say now open, again?” You are likely not alone. Even to a casual observer, the folks behind the business seems to be fighting hard to get and cultivate what they think is the scarcest resource: attention. It’s true that attention precedes everything else, but it is not as scarce or as valuable as people think it is.

There’s something that’s more difficult and more valuable to cultivate than attention. That something is a feeling of connection. The business from the beginning of this story either does not appreciate or understand that. Two months later, the “Now Open” banner is barely hanging on. Six months later, it’s replaced by a fresh “For Lease” sign.