A way to find your truth.

As you know, the mechanism which ensures human survival is the ability to change our behaviour.

More often than not, behavioural change starts with an insight. But how can you be sure that you’ve stumbled upon an insight? For example, what does an insight feel like?

“At its most simple, insight is the ability to recognize cause and effect.

Insight is also a superpower that goes by another name: self-awareness. It’s really knowing who you are and shedding delusions, filters, and masks. When you have such awareness, you don’t hide behind excuses and rationalizations that keep you stuck in ruts…

…When you are living in the glow of insight, your brain’s architecture will change accordingly. Old synapses, wiring-like pathways that were formed and reinforced by repeated bad behavior, will wither.

New synapses, forged by healthy habits and thoughts, will grow brighter and deeper, making you a stronger, happier person psychologically and neurologically. Negative self-talk will stop. Positive assumptions and attitudes that lead to wise choices will take its place. Your brain will be reshaped for success.

Insight unlocks potential and jolts you out of stagnation. And it’s available and accessible to everyone, no therapist required.”

That’s how the renowned psychiatrist and professor at Harvard Medical School John Sharp talks about insight in his book ‘The Insight Cure.’

“Wait, does he talk about what an insight feels like in a psychological sense?”

Yes, he does. Thanks for noticing that that bit was not yet addressed.

The answer to the question of what an insight feels like comes from Sharp’s teacher Dr. Amini. “Insight is a sinking feeling,” Dr. Amini said.

Below is Sharp’s account of how he felt upon hearing that an insight is a sinking feeling:

“And then I got that sinking feeling myself. Yes, that was exactly what insight felt like. It’s not a moment to bounce out of your chair with excitement or to crumble across your desk in despair. Insight is gravity, a profound heaviness in your gut.

In fact, insight is the deepest feeling you can have because it’s the foundation of all your experiences. Insight clues you in to why you feel sad, angry, frustrated, grateful, or happy in a given situation. Deep understanding allows you to challenge your thoughts and change your behavior.”

You could do a lot of good with the above story. Will you?

Dec 7, 2022