May I propose a simple exercise?

Close your eyes for a few moments and consider what’s involved in caring for something you love. A lot. For example, think about what’s involved in caring for a pet such as a dog.

Let’s begin with your daily routine. A couple of quick reminders on how having a dog would affect your daily routine: Every day you’d need to take your dog out for a walk a few times, you’d need to feed it, etc. How much would it cost to keep your pet dog healthy and thriving? Think of the financial investment for a moment. It’d be substantial, no? I speak from experience. :)

Now, think about what’s involved in caring for your business. (My guess is that you love it. A lot.) Let’s begin with your daily routine for your business. How do you feed it? Are there any changes you could make? If not you, who? If not now, when?