Is your website hurting your sales?

Google Analytics recently produced the above video to demonstrate how online retailers are losing customers by bombarding them with too many annoying distractions. The video is witty and painfully true.

My 2:
You are trying to sell your service and/or product to people who feel overwhelmed.
Our smart phones have more functions that we can learn. The same is true for our TVs, cars, etc.
Everyone you deal with is overwhelmed.
This is why whatever you want to communicate to them, you must learn to do it simply.

Making your website muddied, unfocused and complicated instead of simple is an inside job.
It’s true, complexity actually originates from within your own business. The biggest day-to-day problems, complexities and confusion are not caused by outside forces (e.g. competition), but instead come from how you react to those forces. It’s easy to forget that.