Is chance your primary marketing strategy?

Chance is the primary marketing strategy used by many businesses.
It’s a sad reality, but many businesses simply wait for the people to come to them.

The more advanced version of the ‘chance strategy’ is the ‘big business card.’
In a nutshell, it entails placing uninviting, hard to notice ads inside local publications.
Below’s an example of this strategy:

As you can see, the above ad is nothing more than a big business card.

My 2¢:
Hopefully the above ad is completely different from ads you run, yourself.
Why? (The point I’m about to make may not be popular. It may not win me friends. But I must make it.)
Because those ads are utterly useless.
They are as compelling as a piece of string in your pocket and will generate as much business for you as the Easter Bunny will.