If it’s not a hit, switch

As a favour to his friends, back in 1997, Derek Sivers founded CD Baby—once the largest seller of independent music on the web with over 150,000 musician clients. He recently wrote a short book entitled Anything You Want, and in it outlined the lessons he learned along the way of creating CD Baby. To nudge his book into everyday conversations, Derek is creating animated videos to accompany the chapters in the book. Here’s one of my favourites:

My2¢: Sure, if it’s not a hit, switch is a pointed and unsentimental approach to growing a business.
But, is there a better way?
I mean, is there such a thing in our modern business environment as a very slow fix?
If something is good it usually has an instant, or near instant, appeal.
The first time you tried email you knew almost instantly that you’d be going less to the Post Office, no?