How to sell sales

Shortly after I published the post titled Deconstructing Cash Flow, I received an email from a reader in Hamilton, New Zealand. This person asked me: “Did you mean to say how to get sales instead of how to sell sales?” My answer was: Thank you for writing—just as I did in the first place—how to sell sales. Why? Two reasons:

a. In business, you rarely get something. (Especially not sales!)
b. Anybody could have said something like how to get sales. That’s expected.
But expected = typical, no?
And what’s so great about being typical?

My 2¢:
The best circus in the world, Cirque du Soleil, has no elephants.
A single moment of surprise amplifies our emotions and creates a strong imprint on our memory.
We humans love theories, but this article is about practice:
Taste Younique. Don’t be typical. Be like Cirque du Soleil. Give people something to talk about.