How to be creative

Find simple solutions to overlooked problems.

Case in point—Meatball Magic by Peter Huszcz:
“Peter’s amazing story begins on the day his employer asked him to help with food preparation. Peter wasn’t asked to cook but to make meatballs. Day after day, he would take handfuls of ground beef and roll them into uniform balls of meat. Although Peter was very productive in making meatballs, the work was boring.

He wanted to do something more useful and asked his employer to purchase a meatball-making machine. But Peter learned that there was no such thing as a meatball machine that was affordable and convenient.

Hours upon hours, week after week, Peter made meatballs. He was very good at it – fast, efficient and consistent. But he didn’t understand why there was no invention to make meatballs. He began thinking about how he could invent something and started working on the idea.” (You can read the whole article here.)