How long can you go without taking a breath?

The breath really is the chief sustainer of life itself.
Breathing is the flywheel, i.e. it provide continuous momentum to our biological mechanism.

Stress, poor posture, bad habits, etc. are some of the reasons that keep us from breathing properly.
Question: what’s the first thing you need to do to correct your breathing pattern?
You guessed it right: Try to calm your mind.

First, try to calm your mind.
Second, try think of your marketing like you do about breathing.
It’s the flywheel of your business.
Why? Because it can help create and sustain awareness about your business.
And awareness precedes choice.
And choice precedes sales.
And sales make it possible for a business to exist.

Your job is to create a constant stream of opportunities for your target audience to experience your brand.
And why must you do this constantly? Three reasons:
a. Repetition is a convincing argument.
No matter how acute an experience, our memory of it fades over time.
b. In today’s digitally-powered world, media consumption is continuous, and decision making is continuos.
c. Big businesses such as Disney, Apple and BMW take such things seriously—how can you afford not to?